Hartz Chicken Updates

Restaurant Dine-in ban

Effective midnight Tuesday 3/17/2020 all restaurants in Louisiana are on a dine-in ban until April 13th.  Louisiana restaurants can still offer take out and drive thru

Effective 8am Tuesday morning a 15day dine-in ban is issued for all restaurants located in Houston and Harris County until April 1st Customers will be allowed to order via drive-thru, delivery apps, and take out (customers will be allowed to enter the store to order food to go but will not be allowed to dine in). 
  • If your store is located outside Harris county please contact your local county for further details
  • All other stores should be prepared in the likely event Texas issues a state-wide ban  
Our Hartz community's safety is very important to us - you may reduce your operating hours or close your store entirely as you deem necessary. Please notify us and our suppliers if you plan on closing.  All stores that choose to remain open must stop buffet service and transition to a limited menu togo service. We encourage all stores to operate only through drive-thru and delivery apps. If customers begin to crowd the lobby then we advise you to suspend take-out and only allow drive-thru.   Action Meat/Tyson will continue to supply 8pc and dark meat while they can - expect shortages on all other chicken items.
We will continue to update everyone as we receive further information.     
Restaurant Ban By County Update
The weekly sales sheet pdfs are now fillable

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